Success Stories

Ms. Usha

Ms. Usha wanted to live life free of all her medical problems like diabetes, high B.P, severe joint pains which was only possible after bariatric surgery. After meeting and discussing about the surgery of choice she was convinced that she could live her dreams again. She wanted to get herself back for her grandchildren and family. Post-surgery she achieved phenomenal results, HBA1C levels going from 7.5 to 5.5, weight loss of 40 kgs in 1 year and complete resolution of her existing medical problems. She could live all her dreams also.

Mr. Raj

Raj came to meet us troubled by his Diabetes. This young man with a BMI of 32 suffered from DM, Backache, joint pain and snoring problem. He was operated upon in Sept ’12. His BMI now is 27 and his biggest happiness is getting rid of DM and living a healthy life.

Mr. Sunil

At the age of 50 with 150 kgs body weight it was a challenge for Mr. Sunil to take care of his business effectively. He was also suffering from diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, breathlessness, joint pain and back ache his quality of life was degrading day by day. He underwent surgery and in one year lost 64 kgs and his all co morbidities disappeared. He is maintaining his body weight at 86 kgs with a BMI of 31.8 and is able to take care of his family and socialize in a better way.

Mr. Pankaj

Mr. Pankaj, 47 year gentleman, had been suffering from coronary artery disease along with diabetes mellitus and severe morbidly obesity. He underwent angioplasty for coronary artery disease and was being continuously advised by his cardiologist to reduce weight to prevent further progress of his disease. He consulted our clinic several times before he finally underwent gastric bypass surgery. He lost about 80 kgs in one year and has been maintaining since then. The medicines for blood pressure have been reduced and he is off his diabetes medicines.

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